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Customer Feedback

The straps of the cat backpack are a bit too long but, it’s not a big issue. Overall I really like the quality and design of the backpack. I realized my cat realty like to travel in the backpack along with me. So, whenever I visit the vet or Petsmart I use this amazing cat backpack.

Danielle Marcial

It’s really a super cute cat backpack! I am fostering kittens and I prefer to left it out so they would get used to it. my kittens really love to play and travel in this amazing backpacks. Its 100% kitten approved!


Everyone who sees this super stylish cat Backpack is blown away. Normally I use it to carry my pet to the vet, it’s easy to clean, breathable, but if your pet wets in the carrier on your back you will get soaked.


What is the best cat backpack?

Remember that if you get backpack for your cat, then it must be according to her size. You can either get a cat bubble backpack or the simple see through backpack. It is critical to understand that a backpack must be comfortable and easy to carry so that neither the cat will feel scared inside it nor the owner would get tired while carrying it.

For many people, this cat backpack carrier is the novel thing. Some cat owners get worried about will this backpack harm the animal or if she will suffocate in it. These are some common questions that are also very legit to ask.

Here are some of the questions that will guide all of you cat lovers out there and you will order the correct cat backpack for your ball of fur.

What is the best cat backpack? Remember that if you get backpack for your cat, then it must be according to her size. You can either get a cat bubble backpack or the simple see through backpack. It is critical to understand that a backpack must be comfortable and easy to carry so that neither the cat will feel scared inside it nor the owner would get tired while carrying it.If you are interested in Buying Cat Backpack than do try our top Selling Product for Fat Cats “The Fat Cat Backpack Carrier

The features for any best cat backpack are:

  • There must be the side pockets present in your backpack.
  • An adjustable strap to the chest will be a helpful thing because it will cling to your upper body.
  • Make sure that there are two entryways in the bag, one on the front and the other on the side.
  • The adjustable straps will help you in hanging it comfortably on the shoulders.
  • With the side air holes, your baby cat can easily breath in while taking the outside view.
  • A mat is present on the floor of the backpack so if she pees or something, it will not unclean the surface of the bag.
  • If you think that any  company that is offering you these features, then they are one to go for.

    Apart from these above mentioned features, nowadays the backpacks are available which are according to the international airline standards. Since many airlines have got their own policies, it is advisable to learn them before taking your cat along. Some airlines charge fees for taking the pet along. A specific bag dimension is mentioned by the airlines while carrying the cat on board.

    If you cannot leave your loving cat behind, then ensure about buying an airline friendly cat backpack carrier. It is always a good idea to ask the backpack supplier if their bags can be carried away while flying or not. Every authentic supplier is going to answer you affirmatively about it.

    Due to the environmental issues these days, any company that offers you at backpack will come up with the eco-friendly carrier. These backpacks work greatly for saving the planet and also for the health of your pet.

    How to carry a cat in a backpack?

    Getting an amazing new backpack is not only exciting for you, but for your cat as well. Certainly, you are making a whole new addition in its life and cat loves to have adventures around them. One thing to be concerned about here is that you will  not scare your cat with this new product. The way to make them familiar with the backpack is to involve them in the entire procedure.

    You need to make them play with the backpack when it will be home. Let them explore and sniff it while unpacking so that the fright will vanish for the later when you will put them inside.

    It is important to make them feel that it is just a  toy. When you will treat the cat carrier backpack as a toy, they will get used to of it. Understand that it is a very crucial step if you do not want to terrify your cat. You can make her play with it by putting the toys inside. She will run after her toys and get to know that this is also something to have around.

    Moreover, you can put the cat treat in the bag as well. They will chase them with the smell and think that this backpack is the heaven where they can find all the goodies. It will be so much fun not only for the pet, but the owner too. A food bowl can be placed inside the bag too so that she gets used to in this cosy area as a food corner.

    If you have to travel in a near future or planning to just roam around with your cat in this backpack, then practice it as a home for her. You can locate the bag in some corner of the room, put her toys, food in it, and let her be. She will get acquainted with it and will not get frighted when you will lock her in it when going out.

    When you are done with all of these steps, it is the time to put your cat in the cat bubble backpack. This type of backpack is good as the pet can take a view of the outside world rather than feeling caged inside.

    A good quality backpack would have air holes, mat, straps and a leash clip in it. Therefore, you must not compromise on the quality and get the one that is the best for your cat. After all that training and getting aware with the backpack it is very sure thing that the cat will not hesitate in being carried in it. You can put her toys and treats inside so that she will get engaged with them and not feel lonely when carried on your back. Do not forget to look into your fur baby after some time to know if she is doing OK or not. This is the most suitable way to carry your cat along with you anywhere you want and make her friends with the incredible backpack too.

    Why does my cat sit on my backpack?

    It is actually nothing to be concerned about if your cat loves to sit in the backpack. Things are in your favour. This way, you can take it wherever you want and he will absolutely love it. Another technical aspect in this regard is that the cat gets used to the smell that they find in their surroundings more. For instance, you are trying to befriend them with the bag and asking them to spend extra time with it. The smell of that bag will stay in their mind and they will recognise it when near or when you will ask them to get inside.

    This is the reason that it is a positive gesture of them loves the backpack. The sense of security is in their conscious and do not get scared of the bag even if it is all closed. With their love for the backpacks, the cats start taking them as their property and sit on it so is careful if you are picking their home from them.

    The interior of the backpack also matter when any cat sits peacefully in it. When the air I passing correctly from it. When there is nothing that could disturb the pet, and especially, when the floor is so snug to sit on it, then why would any cat complains. For the safety purposes, do not forget to clip the cat’s leash so that she could not jump and run when the bag opens. If you have got the cat backpack bubble, then there are chances that your cat will love looking outside of it. The bubble wall will be the greatest source of joy for her and she will not get lonely in a dark bag.

    If you notice that the cat is sitting more on the backpack, then it could be the sign that she wants to go outside for some walk. Such indication shows that cat loves the bag and has the sense that she will be taken inside it when going or a walk or anything. There is certainly no doubt that animals are very smart. The cat backpacks can be used for the hiking, air traveling, daily walks, cycling, etc. people are even taking cats out while coming from grocery or having tea in the cafes. The chances of catching any flee also get very rare when your cat is secured in an enclosed backpack.

    We discussed about turning the backpack into their house so why are we wondering about why does my cat sit on my backpack? We must be amused about our pet training and that she is responding to it too. Keep this in mind that you must put one cat at a time in the backpack; otherwise, they could suffocate or feel in pain by stuffing together.

    Why does my cat love my backpack?

    You will be pleased to know that when a cat is rolling or playing with your backpack, it is because they can smell you in it. Cats live their life on smell and the more you will be with your backpack, the more cat is going to be with it. Your backpack is full of your personal belongings like laptop, wallet, notebooks, etc, and it is served like a couch for her, then why would not she get lazy over it. You might have noticed that they scratch everything that is near them. It gives them the sense of belonging. They think that when something has their owner’s smell, it is also theirs. Cats love scratching.

    The love for backpack is highly associated with the playful nature of cats too. They drag it outside of the room and play with it while you will be searching for it in the whole world. Your car could be naughty at the same time. The problem arises when there is a mating season and cats secrete the smelly fluids. It is the time to keep your backpack and other stuff away from her.

    The best way to push them away from the backpack is by spraying it with some different smell. You can use perfume or some disinfecting liquid so that she will get confused about understanding the smell. Same as that for the carpets and home smell, you can use some disinfects or carpet cleaner. While trying to safeguard these home items, do not harm the pet. You can use the products that are not hard in nature or simply make one at home with the recipes present online. Just like human, scent can calm the senses of cats as well.

    Thus, it is all about your cat being connected with your scent and presence that she is always around your backpack. It also shows that how much she loves you and she has claimed her authority over you. You can also notice that the cat sleeps on the backpack sometimes. They feel like they are present on your bed that is so warm and smells good of course. It is a usual habit of cats to choose your belongings or bed for to sleep. By working on this idea, we also made backpack her home so that she could get accustomed to its smell.

    Having a cat bubble backpack

    A number of cat owners love having cat backpack bubble due to some very interesting reasons. Very first reason is definitely that this way, cats are able to have an eye more about their surroundings because they feel and think too. The amazing point of having a bubble backpack is that you can get connected with your dearest pet while wearing it in front. You can pat her from the opening of one side and she can have you in sight too.

    Here, we have reached to the conclusion that cat backpack is the best product to invest in. In return the satisfaction is immense, especially, when you see your favourite pet having a snuggling trip from inside. Moreover, the hassle of carrying her with you is not there anymore. You do not need to put your cat in some plastic bag or some basket when she can have her own little traveling home.

    There are many companies out there offering these bags and at competitive prices. Do some research before buying the appropriate one for your cat?

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